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I wanted to run for office for a long time


I lived in Portland, Maine, for a good part of my life. It's a lot like anywhere in America in a way. They have the same TV everyone has. And they drink the same Coca-Cola everyone else does, etc.

I left Maine because I really wanted to go where there would be a better job market. I'd wanted to leave for some time, however like many people I couldn't afford to move really. Partly I got my CDL A and went to NETTTS because I thought trucking professionally would allow me to move.  



Number of years I lived in Maine


Number of years I lived in Florida


Number of years I've lived in Sacramento, California







I'm not just running for office to further my personal ambition


I'm a man on a mission, and that is bringing universal healthcare to California. Before the incumbent abstained from voting on universal healthcare I wouldn't have considered running against him with my very limited financial resources. I've highlighted many of my positions which could become law or could go nowhere, as I wouldn't be running for dictator here. Read through what I’ve written and you will see that I’m both interested in policy and also big projects.

 In Maine

In Maine






November, 2018


I'd really like to win the California Senate race. I'm not running just to boost my position for the next campaign, although that is a secondary consideration. And after winning I'd plan to not take a lot of time off as my positions are large and I'm serious about getting things done. 

 At the Nintendo World Championships event

At the Nintendo World Championships event








June, 2018 primary


When making your decision, let your heart and your mind determine your vote. Google me, then Google the incumbent. But please don't vote simply based on what you got in the mail, as I might not have the funding for a lot of paid advertising.