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Me patiently waiting for food at the Mexican place


Do I look like a person who can afford to do work for free to you?



It’d be better if you wrote me in for Governor rather than voting for Cox.


This is his brainchild:



I was just listening to NPR the other day, and heard a big story about this so-called man named John Cox who got the signatures together for a citizens initiative to pretty much dissolve the state government and have 100 times as many elected officials, 99% of whom would be unpaid. While attempting to create this anarchy, as really few people are able to do a lot for no money, this man is running for Governor of California in hopes that he will both get elected to the executive branch and throw the lower branches of our government into chaos bringing him as close to being the all-powerful Fuehrer of liberal California as he could possibly be for 2-4 years.


Incidentally I believe I saw one of the signature gatherers hired by Cox working outside a Walmart and the person seemed to be very disingenuous about what was getting signed if that was the case. I’d like to see an investigation as to if people knew what they were signing because I was told this legislation would simply lower Senators’ pay to 120% of average household income in California, which is only maybe 1% of what this aims to do, so that would’ve been basically a huge lie as I see it, although in no way was I looking to sign this so-called citizens initiative.


Please get out the vote in November and vote against this monstrosity Cox.


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